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In our holiday You're
making ads by yourself

According to MMI research 5,5 million Ukrainians are indifferent to advertising.
And main clichés are sex, children and cute pets.
Obvious that such approach is absurd but it delivers bright message "Think! before reproduce it in real life".
ThinkMcCann Kyiv belives that advertising and marketing people are responsible for this.
That`s why we launched promo site that allows you to mix up "ideal"
advertising character finetuning proportions of most worn advertising.…
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In our holiday You're
making ads by yourself
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Promo website Everybody could make ads
Characters design
Advertising agency: THINK! McCann Kyiv
Creative Group Head: Alexey Demin
Art Director: Svitlana Boldyreva
Account Manager: Julia Golota
Illustrator: Svitlana Boldyreva
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