socially oriented image campaign

LIVE CHATS movement

JACOBS Monarch become a leader of the market because of close connection with consumers. To improve brand image we decided to create project that influence consumers life and JACOBS initiated movement For live chats.
Warm chats with close ones always been a brand territory but this project transform it into social question and important theme for consumers.
Research show that lack of live chats is actual problem for Ukraine but consumers can't solve it by themselves. They say that the main barrier is a bad condition of public places for rest and lack of cozy places for warm chats.
JACOBS created more than 100 places for live chats in 5 biggest cities and inspire local governments to continue this program. Consumers also engaged in this movement and start to support JACOBS. We show the importance of live chats and gave consumers a better alternative of online communication. Lets have more live chats!
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Advertising agency: J Walther Thompson Ukraine
Art director: David Gor
Copywriter: Katarina Pikul
Designer: Roman Shemchuk
Strategy: Eugene Ivasyuk
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