SANTE quality campaign

Moms always choose
the best

Moms are very special beings. They simply can't choose something not the best for own child. And this rule works with everything: sweater, milk and even dad.
TV My father the best because mom choose him for me

Context campaign WORLD WITH MOM'S EYES

Moms see everything in different way — as experts of care. They always know what's the best for close ones.
Using this insight we create a context advertising not only online. And moms started to comment banners, videos, billboards, sites and give advices than in any case Milk is much better for you. Of course they do it in special mom's way and this add more truthfulness into campaign and more assurance in Sante products.
Web banners
Advertising agency: THINK! McCann Kyiv
Creative Director: Oleksandr Netrebchuk
Art Director: Svitlana Boldyreva
Copywriter: Elena Gnucheva/Katarina Pikul

Director: Jimmy Olsson
Production: JWT Metro Georgia
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