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Sending a group of people to Cannes Festival, ADV Group decided to make it a PR campaign for potential job seekers. Promo site with personal blogs of all participants was created. And to make people to write a blog was decided to pay daily allowance money only to authors with highest amount of likes on posts.I was the youngest and skinny participant among the monsters of advertising and it was oblivious that I can forget about daily allowance.So I decided to press on pity and ask for likes just to eat. And to make it works better attracted to this half Cannes. Everyone felt sorry for thin Junior. The result - 10! times more likes than colleagues daily and free food. It have a great result — 10! times more likes than colleagues, enough daily allowance and free food!
Promo site Paid likes
Promo site Paid likes
Promo site Paid likes
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Cannes adventure
Advertising agency: THINK! McCann Kyiv
Art Direction/Copywriting/Photo: Svitlana Boldyreva
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