During the last few years the word "Ukraine" appeared in international news more often, then all the previous 25 years of Ukraine's independence combined.

All of a sudden people from all over the world, who have never heard about Ukraine, started to google "Who are Ukrainians?"

Interestingly enough, at the same time, many Ukrainians asked themselves the same question - who are we? There was no concise answer. It's because Ukrainians are "SvojeRidni" (a play of words in the Ukrainian language, a combination of two words "Svoje", meaning personal pronoun "You" and "Ridni" means Native, a phonetical combination of these two words gives a new meaning - "Different/Unique"). Being "Different/Unique" is easier to show then to describe with the words. This is exactly what a local beer manufacturer "Obolon" did with a series of TV commercials for it's brand "Obolon" and non-alcohol brand "O". Looking at these simple stories, Ukrainians are hit with the thought - "That is exactly about me!"
TV Trembita
TV Rail Car
TV Carpet
TV Stork
TV Nightingales
TV Spare Tire
Video Case
Advertising agency: MullenLowe Adventa
Creative Director: Aleksei Demin
Art Director: Svitlana Boldyreva
Copywriter: Volodymyr Litvinov
Account Manager: Iryna Denyak

Director: Andrej Gnyot
Production: Gvardia Film
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